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Meet Our Team

Cindi Heal

Agency Owner, Agency Operations Manager and Licensed Agency Principal 

I have been in the insurance industry since birth. I officially started working in my Father Larry Heal’s office at the age of 15 and continued during Summer, Spring and Winter Breaks while attending University Of Alaska, Anchorage.I went back to work with my father full time after graduation and purchased his agency 4 years later. That was 1999; so I have officially been an Agency Owner of Licensed Agent for 30 years and have a whole lifetime of Insurance knowledge and experience behind me.

My clients are not just clients; they are an extension of myself and I have always felt that my “family” includes everyone…we are now on 4 generations of family and friends from childhood and have met thousands of new faces along the way.  The best complement in the whole world to me is a referral. My hard work and knowledge is vast and started when I was just a little girl, loving to chat with my Dad’s clients and take messages for his next day at the office from home.  I had other very exciting options when I graduated from College; I knew that the ultimate one was not leaving behind the family of thousands I had come to know so well.

I am Property, Casualty, Life, Securities Series 6, Securities series 63 licensed. Our goal as an agency is to make sure you have the coverages that match your needs today, tomorrow and all the days to come.  Life Insurance for Families Starts at Birth and Financial plans can start that early as well.  Homeowners, Parents, Children and everyone who has taken a loan from a bank to finance anything needs life insurance to protect your loved ones from taking care of unplanned expenses.

I grew up in West Anchorage in the Westchester/downtown area and am a West High Graduate who served in Student Government, and Graduated College at The University Of Alaska, Anchorage-BA English with a minor in History. I now live in the Palmer area, which feels much like Anchorage in my younger years.  I travel back and forth and have clients State Wide.

WE INSURE YOUR LOVES IN LIFE and I pride my agencies work in our community in various capacities from a day here and there; when someone needs extra help to long-standing relationships with many community programs and sponsorships. Some examples of a few of the things I personally sponsor as an agent along with my team are The Palmer Fire Department in training gear funds, work with local family charities, Family and Children Outreach Programs, Student Participation Sponsorships to Academic, music and sport teams.  I happily support all endeavors that create a better tomorrow for everyone. I am fortunate to have a fantastic group of students who approach me for all kinds of activities that need sponsorship. Science Camps, Choir Trips, Academic Competition and Travel, Athletic sponsorship, and nearly anything that I see create excitement for learning strive to be the best at what they learn and do. I sponsor adult activities as well; Kiwanis, Palmer Chamber, Blessing of the Bikes for Motorcycles, Mat Su Miners Baseball, Mat Su CVB, many non-profit events from the “moose poop toss” to Golf Tournaments; we are in support of everyone getting out and enjoying life. I avidly sponsor Iron Dog Racers and the Iron Dog Event as ambassador. My family ties to the snowmobile world run deep, my father was a Polaris Factory racer starting in the 1970’s and my brother in law and nephews are Iron Dog Champions and participants. AMMC Mighty Might Racers are the future of Winter Sports and are darn fun to watch too!

In truth, I can’t stop talking about just the events of the, the moments of joy, current events, friendship, family, the many new things I learn from conversations every day about the world big & small, telling and talking about the tails of the deeds and misdeeds of our dogs, baseball during Spring Training or in October waiting to see who will go to the World Series (I love the Game; but don’t have time to watch all year; I make time in October…I love, love, love, baseball.  That love started at about the age of 5 watching the Anchorage Glacier Pilots in the first box next to the batters box. It let me to baseball and eventually softball. I still watch and watch and commentate to anyone who will listen constantly I do live for “the love of the game.”  A close follower would be design!  I love to paint (walls) refinish furniture and am even working on cabinets. I am a clothing lover and learned the intricacies of wardrobes and skin/care/cosmetics working at Nordstrom when I was in College, part time was a full time Student…I used my vacation to work for my Dad (that is part of how I knew where I was meant to be…what College kid uses vacation time to work with her Dad at Allstate as a second part time job?) I got to talk with people all day long and loved it then as much as I do now.

During the weekend I am usually resting up from the week; getting out in the sunshine, an occasional golf game, watching baseball, snowmobiling, watching my younger nephews play summer and winter sports and watching my dear friends now teen age ladies and gents play sports (boy football season is cold for a girl who doesn’t love football…but I love the boys we watch play; their smiles will take me to that icy Friday night under the lights time after time.  In no time at all it will be 2 Heal boys dawning Jerseys under the Friday Night Lights…time flies when you are having fun (or just living life).

Guilty pleasure…baked goods (but I don’t think that is a secret to anyone)  I love a good cheeseburger maybe more than cookies!

I support many Local and National Groups. From biggies like the American Cancer Society “Light The Night” the MS Society “Bike MS,” The Colorectal Cancer Society, Canines for Better Companions (NW Chapter) to our local events; The Alaska Women’s Run (breast cancer has and does affect my life everyday and I will always make special efforts to support research in the name of my friends.) I support the Palmer Fire Department, Local Children’s Outreach, Individuals in need of emergency help, all kinds of sporting and youth activities as I mentioned above. I am most passionate about Children and Teens being able to participate “in” the world; what ever the need for that world is right now. There are kids who play sports and there are kids who need fresh socks and a pillow to sleep on. We live in a perfect and not so perfect world. If I could make all Kids live a perfect childhood by waving a magic wand; I would. I only know about perfect childhood because I was the lucky little Girl who had a Mom and Dad who were able to help me have that perfect life; for the reward hearing us laugh and have fun; while learning to be champions in life. Competition and Winning taught me to expect the best out of my piers; learned by example from my Parents and their friends.  Anything I can do to make children’s lives easier and lead to success is very important to me.